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The finish-line!!!  I won by just 0.6 of a second!  But, it was a win.  As I quote Vin Diesel, “It doesn’t matter whether you win by a mile or win by a meter. A win IS A WIN!”  I told him this & he gave me this killer-look.  “One-on-one.  Marathon Sprint.  Double or Nothing.” There was this desperation in his eyes for revenge, and, I said,”Ok!  You’re on!”
The “Marathon Sprint” just to let you know, is the longest sprint ever created.  It’s 6km long & has the toughest turns & violent traffic that you’ll ever find.  In practice, the odds were always against me, because the last hairpin was tricky & if you brake too early, you lose the grip on the car, and the race.  Scimitar brought his Mitsubishi Lancer, a car simply stunning & magnificent.  The gleam from the rims & the pulsating neon…  It wasn’t even close to comparing it with my 240SX!  Silver pearlscent paint with an Evil-eye vinyl.  “Deadly & Devastating”, as quoted by the announcer.  The race started of badly because I couldn’t get my shifts in at the right time & I kept banging with those other cars.  He had a lead of 2.2 seconds at the 50% mark, which, went down to just 0.9 after a well-calculated Nitrous blast.  That made his arrogance turn into nervousness & he slipped on turns continuously.  How I overtook Scimitar with just half a km left, is something really hard to describe.  He drifted a little too much on the hairpin turn & the gap was there.  I rushed in, drifted right with him in the inside lane & managed to bump him just enough for me to burst ahead & for him to lose control and, drop the car in the canyon.  I won the sprint easily!  He was exasperated and just threw his hands up in the air & handed over a 1000.  “You got lucky this time.  You ain’t going to be so lucky everyday!” , his breath rotting of nicotine.  They walked out rather arrogantly, yet I knew they were feeling beaten from within.  I waited for them to go & I did a Freddy Flintstone “Yaaba Daaba Doo!!”  Just to let you know, I don’t drink or smoke.  Either of them makes me nauseous.
I celebrated with some coke & burgers & reached home about an hour late.  As usual, mom went, “At least call to let me know if you were still alive!”.  A hint of sarcasm.  I told Stela and she replied, “Awesome Avi!  I’m so happy for you.  Keep it up.  Let this be a new beginning!”  I reflected upon her simple words… “a new beginning”.  Was this going to be a new beginning to another end???
YEEE!! I won the race!! :highfive:
Hmmm.. The New Beginning to Another End????!!!! :O

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"My girl friend hadn’t replied to the sms I sent her last night. Curious, I checked on the site & she hadn’t come online for a while either. It was uncanny of her."
"Have you told her that??”, Samaira asked. My eyes popped out more than the lime soda that had spilt all over my shirt yesterday! “NOOO!!!"
Enjoy!!! :D
(Btw... EISH!! My novel gets lesser views than the no. of Trojans in my PC whole squared!!! :D )
Aavis Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2008
Ze next chapter is in ze progress of ze coming..!! :P
Hence, plz be ze patient..!! :D :P
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